Tea Party Nonsense

All you need to know about the Tea Party people:

Indeed, it’s easy to forget this, but the first Tea Party crowds started protesting in March 2009 — exactly one month after President Obama signed one of the largest tax-cut packages in American history into law. The protestors wanted to make clear that they are “taxed enough already,” choosing to pretend that they hadn’t just received a tax cut from the president they hate so intensely.

One more thing – the rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli that is supposed to have spontaneously started the Tea Party movement (even though the websites were all ready to roll out and the corporate astroturf groups already had the strategy mapped) was NOT about taxes, it was a protest of the government helping out people who might lose their houses, and about how Wall Street and rich people were who should run the country. Never mind that…

2 thoughts on “Tea Party Nonsense

  1. It’s mostly or entirely the same old crazified 27%, repackaged, subsidized, and promoted by the media. Just a marketing ploy, really.
    Though there is one thing, a few of them seem to have figured out that the Republicans have been suckering them. So they’re the same old fanatics recruited against Obama, but also they might be a warning shot at the establishment Republicans from the Koch brothers et al., and some of them might simply be out of control freelancers.
    If the Democratic Party were healthy the Democrats could be cleaning up right now, but they aren’t.

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