TBA – Hillary Clinton

(I will be updating this as the speech continues, so scroll down, and come back.) Huge crowd, lots of people standing in the back.
Ellen Malcolm is introducing. After becoming a lawyer Hillary chose to work for people instead of joining a big firm and making money. The only Democratic candidate who has taken on the full might of the Republican machine and come out the winner.
Hillary is walking out, crowd on their feet cheering.
Here with so many people who share our goals to take the country back. Bush today will veto stem cell research. I have worked to help fund the research to fight so many devestating diseases. When I am President I will list the ban. This is just one example of how the President puts ideology before science, politics before needs, example of how out of touch he and his party have become.

We are ready and looking for the kind of leadership and citizenship that will make a difference again. It is your activism, the organizations that have been formed in the last 6 years, MoveOn, Media Matters, … your voices have made a difference.
She is talking about a woman who sued a company after finding out that she had been paid less than men in the same job – Bush Supreme Court ruled she hadn’t filed her case in time – even though she filed as soon as she learned about it…
The people appointed to the courts will make a huge difference to the lives of everyone. People feel like they are invisible to the government. We always believed we had that in America but now people feel invisible and have reason to believe they are being rendered invisible. Secret wiretaps, US Attys fired to silence them because they didn’t indict Democrats, scientists silenced… Natural disaster turned into a national disgrace, government paid no attention while bodies floated down the streets of New Orleans. War has been catastrophic. A stunning record of cronyism and corruption.
Families have paid the price. Regular incomes dropping, people without health care, more children entered poverty last year than graduated from college. People are invisible.
Huge debt that has been blown up in the last six years – six years ago we had a balanced budget and a surplus. People are invisible.
If you are a hard-working student who wants to go to college, price of college going up, fewer scholarships. Student loan companies ripping people off.
Soldiers come home wounded, hoping to get health care and disabiity compensation, warehoused in some unacceptable facility, medical records lost, it turns out you are invisible, too.
I want you to know you are not invisible to me and you won’t be invisible to the next President of the United States.
The welfare of each of us depends on the welfare of all of us. We need to create a progressive majority coalition. Set big goals, start by cleaning up the government, replace culture of corruption and cronyism with a culture of competence. Stop outsourcing government. End revolving door with lobbying shops, end contracts with companies like Haliburton. Appoint people who are actually qualified for the positions. When I am President the entrance to the White House won’t be a revolving door for the well-connected.
Let’s do something about the growing economic inequality that is tearing the country apart. CEOs making 262 times more than workers. Top 1% hold 22% of all wealth – biggest share since 1929 which was not a good year for America. Make them pay their fair share again.
Stand up for our unions again. When I am President we will make sure they can organize for fair wages and fair conditions, will appoint pro-labor people to Department of Labor.
Qualify affordable health care is a right not a privilege. Been moving backwards not forward on health care.
We found more than half a trillion dollars for the war in Iraq so we can find the money for health care.
Some states plan how many prison spots they are going to need by looking at 3rd-grade reading scores. Let’s pay for more kindergartens than prison beds.
Stand up for science don’t suppress scientific evidence or politicize scientific panels. There is no conflict between faith and science and we need to let scientists do their job free from manipulation. We must do that because we are going to lose economic opportunities, deny people the right to a clean environment, possibly save the planet.
Stand up for right to do everything possible to protect citizenship – the right to vote. Last two elections we saw people turned away from polls, ballots mysteriously disappear. Introduced the Count Every Vote Act. Restore integrity to our electoral process.
Four years after Bush declared Mission Accomplished we are going to end the war and bring our troops home. I voted against the supplemental – best ay to support troops is to bring them home. They have done their job, gave Iraq the chance to vote. Their government has failed.
(People shouting “Boo”. People holding up signs – cant read them from here. People are shouting “That is outrageous – we created it, we created the problem.”)
She has joined with Sen Byrd to strip Bush of the authority to be in Iraq.
When I am President we are going to start talking to people, rebuilding our alliances. We have to have friends and allies. Reach across divides.
I want to restore feeling of love for America around the world, and equally restore it here at home. We should not give up on our ideals. I hope you will join with me and join with us. America is ready for change. A place that holds out hope and opportunity for all. Thank you.