Taxes And Unions Got Us Out Of The Depression

I wonder why no one has pointed out the real reason the Republicans filibustered the “Stimulus Bill” this week? They blocked an expansion of Food Stamps, an extension of unemployment benefits, assistance for disabled veterans, help for seniors and a boost for renewable energy.
Here is the reason: Those were not about taxes.
The Democrats caved (of course), so the public now has validation of the notion that taxes harm the economy.
Message: Economy in trouble? Tax rebates and tax cuts will “stimulate” things.
So will this “stimulus” help? Maybe a slight bit. The government will borrow another $150-or-so billion and pump it into the economy. The deficit will be even bigger. The world will trust the dollar even less.
Here is something to think about. This economic problem is about debt. Since Reagan the country and the people in it have been borrowing huge amounts of money to keep things going. (Except for the years that Clinton balanced the budget and was paying back some of the debt.)
Taxes and unions got us out of the depression. Redistribution of income. Taxes on the rich, the money used to build infrastructure and provide good jobs, and unions to force the corporations to give raises and benefits. In a consumer economy you want more money in the hands of the consumers – not the rich. DUH!

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  1. Taxes and unions got us out of the depression.

    I think you need to include a citation.

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