Tax RELIEF??!!

Headline at the Kerry campaign site:

“John Kerry has proposed three times more tax relief for middle-class families than George W. Bush “

Tax RELIEF???!!! What’s next, “Tort Reform?” You would think that SOMEONE in the Kerry campaign would be aware of Lakoff and others’ work on FRAMING, since every weblog I read and most politically aware thinking people I am in contact with is. How can a national political campaign in the year 2004 make such a framing mistake? If Kerry gives in to the Right’s use of language, and acknowledges their framing of this issue, why not just endorse Bush, since the “need for” tax cuts is the central message of Bush’s campaign? How can Kerry now argue that the deficits are bad?

And then there’s Kerry’s statement on Bush’s sudden, surprise reversal yesterday of decades of US progress on Mid-East peace, enraging the entire Arab world:

That Bush’s move was good politics was evidenced by Democratic rival John F. Kerry’s quick move not to let Bush outflank him among pro-Israel voters.

“I think that could be a positive step,” the Massachusetts senator said, approving of the Bush-Sharon action regarding both refugees and Israel’s borders.

I’m still going to vote for Kerry. But… I’m not going to ask if it’s him or his old-style Washington Democrat campaign staff… He hired them. I’ll put the Kerry donation button back up when I feel better about him.