Tax Everyone – Give the Money To Corporations

Universal Music wants a tax on iPods, with the money going to them – because iPods can store music and some people might not have paid for that music. Universal Music may seek royalty deal with iPod,

Universal Music Group Chief Executive Doug Morris said on Tuesday he may try to fashion an iPod royalty fee with Apple Computer Inc. in the next round of negotiations in early 2007.

Next I suppose the big companies will want a general tax on everyone, with the money going to the big companies, because the people might not have bought enough stuff that year?

2 thoughts on “Tax Everyone – Give the Money To Corporations

  1. Isn’t that generally what happens one way or another? Don’t forget, we’re paying for all those corporate tax cuts, subsidies, etc.

  2. Good idea for the corporation. Just tax everyone, send the money to the corporation, and then the corporation doesn’t actually have to DO anything.
    Y’know, it’s sad to say that I actually bet that someone, somewhere is planning exactly that…

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