Tax Dollars Sent Directly To The Party

The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever! Phony Front Companies Cycle Millions Back to GOP!
Here’s how it works. Set up phony front-companies and call them “defense contractors.” Republicans in Congress “earmark” hundreds of millions in contracts for these companies into budget bills. The companies are really just fronts that shuttle the money to The Party and its infrastructure organizations, which use the money on campaign ads, etc. for Republicans.
Sound illegal? So what? Who is going to investigate? The Republican Justice Department? The Republican Congress? News organizations owned by defense contractors like GE? Fat chance.

4 thoughts on “Tax Dollars Sent Directly To The Party

  1. Dave, I saw that on Madcow yesterday and I wondered if it is really any different than funnelling those military dollars on Republican party fundraising aka the Chamber of Commerce.
    Maybe this explains the interest rates allowable in the bankruptcy law, although I would like to know what that furniture looks like.

  2. Are all Republicans goddam crooks?! Seems that way. The Democrats must regain power (and soon) so we can indict these criminals. We may have to form a new federal agency to handle all the crimes committed by the GOP. And the list gets longer every day. Absolutely sickening.

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