Tax Cuts for Billionaires

I did something fun today. I went to the Heritage Foundation’s and looked up some right-wing organizations. All I did was sort by “National Research Organizations” so it shows me the entire list.

Then I started picking a right-wing organization at random and going to Cursor’s Media Transparency to see who is funding them. I did this several times. Guess what I found? There are hundreds of right-wing organizations, but they are almost all funded by a foundation whose name contains Scaife, Olin or Bradley, and a few others.

The public, the media and policymakers think they hear a wide range of voices. For example, you might see on C-SPAN or MSNBC a panel with experts from five or six different organizations. But in fact the likelihood is you are hearing the voice of Scaife, Olin, Bradley or one or two other billionaires. NO WONDER so much of the national policy debate is about giving huge tax cuts to billionaires!

Try it yourself.