6 thoughts on “Tall

  1. Dave, you silly Marxist, Heritage does not pay people to troll. They don’t have the Soros cash to engage in ridiculous exercises like that.

  2. Heritage Foundation’s budget is over $40 million per year. They even pay sumer student interns $2500 (in addition to housing and feeding them.)

  3. Yo. Pericles, that’s what I first thought when I was lookin’ at that tree… then I laughed heartily and thought to myself, damn, I’d be such an asshole if I thought that seriously.

  4. I’ve been doing some job shopping Pericles. Anybody can make good money if they trash talk liberals and the environment.
    My guess is that you get paid to be here because you don’t converse, you don’t tell the truth, you don’t like anybody here and you don’t listen to what anybody says either.

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