Taking Money Out of the Economy

This story today – the Bush Administration is “privatizing” 850,000 federal jobs. That’s HALF the federal civilian workers. That’s 850,000 people – how many families? – going from good union jobs with benefits and job security to low-wage, no-benefit, no-security positions (while the good stuff rises to a few rich people at the top.) They say it should save more than 30%.

And remember, Bush also changed the rules to allow corporations with a history of violating the law to bid for contracts.

Update – It’s not half of all government jobs, it’s the jobs that are not “inherently governmental.” “Those jobs are defined as “commercial activities,” like running cafeterias, making travel arrangements and other tasks that are routinely done in the private sector. The change would not apply to any policy-making or political job, or most managerial ones. There’s a NYTimes story here.