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There is an Important Act Blue Poll to determine where to put resources:

Three weeks ago, Ben Rahn from Act Blue posted a diary on MyDD telling people that Act Blue was expanding so that people could donate to candidates at the state level, rather than just the federal level. While Act Blue has already made this possible for candidates in Virginia, and while the eventual goal is to expand to all fifty states before the 2006 elections, Act Blue decided to look to the netroots to determine which four states it should expand into next. From that diary, a lively discussion of nominations ensued, both here and at other blogs. Now, it is the moment of truth. The list of nominations has been narrowed to twenty states, and an Instant Runoff poll has been created to determine which four states Act Blue will move into next. Here can find the poll here:
Act Blue poll
Please take this poll very seriously. Rank all twenty states. Do not just choose your home state. Since Act Blue will eventually move into all fifty states, select those states that you feel are of the most pressing concern to Democrats nationwide. If you have a blog, please a post a link to this poll on that blog. The voting will Friday at midnight.
Again, I urge you to participate in this poll. This is an important project, and you get to decide where it will expand into first.

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  1. Inside baseball. How the hell is anyone supposed to know? That’s real wanna-be-demo-consultant stuff. Why do they want large participation? I doubt one percent of the participants know enough to vote meaningfully.

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