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  1. I came out way, way over in that left hand corner. 90% for Personal, 20% for Economic.

  2. I scored 100% personal, 20% economic.
    This test is stupid if the person taking it is among the small percentage of American voters who read, think, read some more, than think some more. If, however, the test is given to the typical American voter, I think it would be a fairly useful flash picture of that voter.

  3. Dave
    Thanks …Cool little thing
    I ended up as “Left Liberal, with the scores
    Your PERSONAL issues Score is 80%.
    Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 40%.

  4. I am 100 on the personal (at least I’m consistent — maybe too consistent) and 30 on the Economic.

  5. 90/40. Part of the 18% liberal fringe.
    Interesting that Conservatives and Statists (Fascists by another name?) combined don’t equal Liberals.

  6. I got a 80 and 20.
    On the personal side I believe that considering a return of national service should be considered a liberal value.
    First it would eliminate a military of mercenaries whose highest moral value is to “just obey orders” even when those orders are patently illegal. Remember these merc’s are career people and no body in the military gets in trouble for going along ( except when a scapegoat is needed and you are the lowest rank available) but your career is over if you blow the whistle. Even when whistle blowers are proven totally right they are forced out, harassed and penalized.
    With a military drawn from civilians who are only their for 2 years people will be more concerned with thier conscience rather then their future promotions. This has been proven repeatedly in history.
    Plus in history one sees a repeating pattern that the greatest threats to democracies is a professional/mercenary force. The thuggish minds that attracted to this profession neither believe in or can accept authority with out murder. They must be treated with great care.
    A military is a necessary evil but like treating illness’s with mild doses of poison or vaccines of weak virus’s care must be taken to keep them under very tight and limited control while maintaining them as weak in the public arena.
    A citizen army composed in large part of 2 year national service soldiers will go a long way to accomplishing that.

  7. 80/20 Liberal No surprise here.
    I did favor a draft over a volunteer military because the privileged rarely join the military while the poor do out of desperation. Bush’s war is a prime example of this as was Vietnam.

  8. I got an 80/50. Centrist/Liberal/Libertarian. That’s how I would describe myself. The test is surprisingly accurate, given it’s brevity. I’ve taken similar quizzes with very strange results. It’s still a little hokey, but a more sophisticated survey would have produced the same results for me, at least.
    And to Michael Prah: How about a means tested draft with only the wealthy having to sign up? The poor already do their part voluntarily. Just an idea.

  9. I come up right at the corner of liberal centrist and libertarian.
    But this is a rather simplistic quiz. And it also seems to be designed and worded to tilt people towards libertarians

  10. 100 Personal, 20 Economic. How bizarre that they should think that ending handouts to business is anything other than pure lefty. Strange people.

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