YearlyKos — Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics Panel Remarks

Following are my prepared remarks to the Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics panel:

Joe Trippi, Dave Johnson, David Sirota, Melanie Sloan
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MyDD Panel

More from YearlyKos — I was just at the MyDD “Caucus” with Jerome Armstrong, Matt Stoller, Chris Bowers and John Singleton. It’s the first time I met Chris Bowers, in fact I didn’t even know what he looks like, and we’re both Commonweal Institute Fellows!

Chris Bowers (Photo updated to a better picture)

Actually, it’s still going on – I’m sitting on the floor across from the room. So this is pretty close to “liveblogging.” In fact, the pics are still downloading from the camera.

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YearlyKos Panel on Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics

YearlyKos Panel to Discuss Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics | yearly kos

From the Blogosphere: The YearlyKos convention will feature a panel discussing ethics, corruption and movement politics. Members of the panel include Dave Johnson, David Sirota, Melanie Sloan and Joe Trippi.

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Swimming Pools, Movie Stars, YearlyKos

Have you signed up for yearly kos? TIME IS RUNNING OUT.
YearlyKos is a convention/gathering of blog readers, bloggers, “netroots” and other informed, involved people. Senator Harry Reid is the keynote speaker. Several other Senators, Members of Congress and Presidential candidates like Mark Warner will be there as well. Here are some details of the schedule and the guest list. Swimming pools, movie stars.
I’m doing two panels. One is a panel with Markos and Jerome, authors of Crashing the Gate, and David Sirota, on the subject of Building Progressive Infrastructure, Saturday June 10 at 8:30 am. The other is on Ethics/Corruption/Movement Politics, Friday June 9 at 10am. That’s a reason TO sign up, by the way.

YearlyKos Panel on Progressive Infrastructure

I’d like to tell you about an exciting and informative panel I will be on at the upcoming YearlyKos convention, June 8-11 in Las Vegas.  This convention (details here) is for bloggers, blog readers, “netroots” people such as MoveOn members, progressive activists, and all of us who are upset over the direction the conservatives are taking the United States.  Oh, and you party animals will also want to come.
The panel I want to tell you about is titled, Building Progressive Infrastructure.  As Markos and Jerome’s book Crashing the Gate discusses, one reason conservatives now dominate the American “marketplace of ideas” is because they have built an “infrastructure” of organizations that are designed to persuade the public to support conservative ideology and candidates.  These organizations operate year-round, outside of the election cycle, pursuing a coordinated, long-term strategy.  Over time this effort has moved the public ever rightward, creating a receptive environment for a conservative approach to issues, and for their candidates.  

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