Boycott Wyoming

Until a few days ago wolves were protected by the Endangered Species Act. The reintroduction of the wolves meant a restoration of the natural habitat. For example, elk herds learned to be more cautious, ate less of the vegetation in a single place, allowing beaver populations to recover, causing morewetland marshes to return, restoring bird habitats. Etc.
But the Bush administration, in their typical wisdom, removed that protection and the killing has started. So Wyoming is now allowing wolves to be shot on sight, no questions asked. Why give them your money.
A few days ago: Wolves lose protection,

Gray wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Area no longer enjoy the protection of the Endangered Species Act, but the delisting could be temporary if conservation groups successfully challenge the decision later this spring.
. . . In Wyoming, wolves are considered predators in roughly 88 percent of the state and can be killed by anyone using any means without a license.

Wolf kills reach at least 10,

At least 10 gray wolves have now been killed in Wyoming since the animals were removed from the federal endangered species list.
All of the canines have been killed in the state’s new wolf predator management area, where it is now legal to shoot the animals on sight. All 10 have been taken in Sublette County.

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