Space Is The Place

How many of you know about Sun Ra? (At this point a select few of you understand more about me than I should let on.)
Sun Ra was a musical genius. A lot of people I know won’t listen to any of my Sun Ra recordings and look at me funny. My wife just walked by and said “Whatever volume you have Sun Ra at is too loud.” Please click this. But then click this, too. And this. And this. THEN you’ll start to get it. (These are from a later incarnation of the Arkestra, but the sounds are Sun Ra’s sounds.)

Space Is The Place cover

Some say Sun Ra was born, others say he arrived.

Sun Ra was born on the planet Saturn, ages ago, and spent some time on Earth using the power of music to demonstrate the virtues of discipline and harmony to members of this planet.

I found this on YouTube and it’s GREAT!:

But wait, there’s more…

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