Stop Saying ‘Single-Payer’ PLEASE

A letter-to-the-editor titled, “Single-payer plan is the way to go” in the San Jose Mercury News this morning reminded me to keep this drumbeat going. PLEASE stop saying “single-payer” and start saying “Medicare For All.”
NO ONE KNOWS WHAT “SINGLE-PAYER” MEANS!!! I was talking to someone last week who thought “single-payer” means you have to pay all your medical bills by yourself with no help. That’s what it sounds like it means, and no one understands what it means otherwise, so why would anyone think it is a good thing? But everyone understands what Medicare is, and loves it, so why not just say “Medicare For All?” Sheesh!

Health Care — Public Or Private Best?

I would like to comment of this letter to the editor that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News this morning, Let market rule in health care:

…Under a single-payer system, the government has sole control over health care coverage, so it controls how and when money can be allocated to health care expenses. With this system, government bureaucrats will be charged with saving money for the government – not patients’ lives. The current health care system is in need of reform, but a single-payer system is not the cure for universal access to proper coverage. We need to seek alternative solutions, such as free-market competition, and not assume government-run care is in our best interest.

This is an example of the thinking that sets in after years of anti-government propaganda.
So how does this letter read if you think of government as citizens banding together to take care of each other and get things done?

…Under a single-payer system, the people have control over their health care coverage, so they control how and when money can be allocated to health care expenses to best benefit the public. Compare this to the current system, in which corporate accountant bureaucrats are charged with saving money for the company – not patients’ lives. … We need to corporate-run health care, and should not assume publicly-run care is in the public’s best interest.

Huh. Interesting.