So Many Lies

Lies – a Republican character flaw. They pretend they are strong but really they lie because of weakness. Go read It’s All About The Lying,

The American public can forgive mistakes, so long as they are not done with some malignant intent. Apparently they can also overlook some incompetence, so long as they believe the President is working hard at his job.
But when the public begins to think they have been lied to — repeatedly — that love goes sour. Very sour. And lately, for the Bush Administration, it’s been all about the lying.

Go look at the post, it shows one lie after another after another, just in the last couple of WEEKS!

It’s all about the lying. No accountability, no taking responsibility, none. This President comes off as an irresponsible frat boy who is more than willing to blame anyone else to get his own ass out of trouble. That may work when you are 19 (although it wouldn’t have worked with my parents, I can tell you that), but one would think that the President of the United States would hold himself to a higher ethical standard on this. Especially given a situation where people lost their lives.