Want A Raise?

Do you want a raise? Better working conditions and job security? Better benefits?
Try leaving a few union organizing flyers around where you work. It’s the worker’s counterpart to management hinting that they could outsource all the jobs to other countries.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to locate downloadable flyers that explain the benefits of joining a union. I have been searching around and have located only two. Download and print these and leave them around your workplace for others to find:
The Union Advantage By The Numbers.
Unions 101 – A quick study of how unions help workers win a voice@work
Please let me know of others, and I’ll post them here. UNIONS – please make downloadable flyers available explaining the benefits of joining a union, how to organize a union, etc., for people do print and distribute. You don’t have to have local info on these flyers, they are ust informational and get people thinking.