Abramoff Indictment Hides Connection to RWNM

In a sign that the Bush Justice Department is working to minimize damage to the “conservative movement” stemming from the Abramoff scandal, the indictment and plea agreement ignore his misuse of the Capital Athletic Foundation. According to philanthropic watchdog National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy the indictment reveals “the debilitated condition of government oversight of nonprofits and foundations.”

The indictments and resulting plea agreement acknowledge the dubious if not illegal grantmaking of Abramoff’s Capitol Athletic Foundation (CAF) in more than one instance, but fail to penalize Abramoff on his abuse of the CAF as a personal cash reserve.
… For the past two years, alone among national philanthropic nonprofits, NCRP has detailed and denounced a variety of Abramoff’s misuses of philanthropy and called for IRS investigations, to no avail.

You see, the entire “conservative movement” operation depends on tax-free donations to so-called “charitable” organizations like the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, and hundreds of other national and state organizations that are supposed to be non-partisan but in reality operate almost entirely to the benefit of the Republican Party. So any kind of crackdown on the misuse of tax-free charitable donations would threaten the continued existence of the right-wing noise machine itself.

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Are Progressives Cheap?

In the spirit of blogs-as-open-source-think-tanks I’d like to start a discussion. Are Progressives cheap? Do you think Progressives give enough money to Progressive organizations and candidates?
How much is “enough?” Many Christians, even very poor ones, give ten percent of their before-tax income to their churches. For them tithing is a value. Do YOU give ten percent of your income to Progressive organizations, causes and candidates? (I’m not saying that Progressives are in some kind of opposition to Christians here, I’m asking if this can be a core Progressive value in the same way that it a Christian value.)

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