New – Sustain newsladder

The Sustain newsladder is the newest addition to the Newsladder family. This newsladder focuses on sustainability, environment, ecology, etc. Go take a look.
The way the newsladders work is you sign up, then add and recommend stories. The top recommended stories appear in the newsladder feeds – there are a few in the right column here.

Newsladder News and Newsladder Widgets

The Newsladders are a project to help the progressive blog community reach a wider audience. The Newsladders give readers a quick look at the top things being discussed on the progressive blogs at any given moment.
Newsladder News
I have some Newsladder widgets over in the right column. Click the title at the top to go to the Newsladder, or the headline to go straight to the story.
Here is how the Newsladders work:
The Newsladders give you a quick look at what is going on in the progressive blogging community. Each Newsladder is an aggregator of current blog headlines on a given topic. Users, bloggers and editors add stories, and also recommend them. Stories rise up in rank based on recommendations and click-throughs. Daily top-ten lists will be mailed to relevant editors and other opinion/policy leaders after the Newsladders develop. This helps us with blog outreach, bringing in new readers. And progressive bloggers get new traffic as people discover this resource and click through to read the stories. (For example, the Burma Newsladder is already able to generate new traffic of up to hundreds of click-throughs per day.)
Take a look at California Newsladder, Iraq Newsladder, Our Troops Newsladder, and, of course, never forget that there is a Burma Newsladder. And while you are there, sign up and then recommend posts that you think should rise up in the rankings. You can also submit posts.
Bloggers – you can add Newsladder widgets to your own blogs now. They list the top stories at a given Newsladder. To get the code for a given Newsladder’s widget, go to the bottom of that Newsladder page and click the Tools link. (You can also get the LadderUp tool there to make it easy to add posts to that Newsladder.)

Burma Newsladder

Today the bloggers are promoting awareness of the events in Burma. Take a look at for headlines.
You can participate in Burma Newsladder. Join up, submit stories that you see, vote on the ranking of stories, and tell others.
You can go to the page to submit stories, but there is aneasier way. At the bottom of the page click “Tools” and get the “LadderUp” tool that makes it very easy to submit a story you are currently reading on any web page.