Goodling – A 1999 Graduate In A High-Level Position?

This Kos diary, Daily Kos: The Strange Hire of Monica Goodling, makes a huge point about that DOJ Spokesperson who is pleading the 5th. How did a 1999 graduate of unknown Regent University “Christian Leadership to Change the World” law school (after attending Messiah College) get appointed to the high level and profile job of Department of Justice Spokesperson in the first place?

I’m trying to square these appointments with the notion of competent governance. The fevered pronunciations of doom by this administration would dictate that an important slot like this be filled by someone with experience and gravitas, someone of proven competence whose advice could be relied on by the AG – not some inexperienced, weirdly trained neophyte whose law credentials are weak and who was selected in order to toss a banquet of bones to the noisy fringe of the party.

Apparently the only qualifications needed to rise to a high level in our government are that you are indoctrinated into The Party early, and uninfluenced by real-world experience. Competence in governance is not required.