Virginia Senator Uses Racist Slur To Describe Dark-Skinned Man

A video is online of Senator George Allen of Virginia insulting a dark-skinned man, and saying “welcome to America,” at an otherwise all-white Republican gathering. He calls the man “Macaca” and then says, “Well friends, we’re in a war on terror.” See for yourself.

NOTE – Alternate video source at AlterNet
Jeffrey Feldman of Frameshop did some research and found that the term is used on far-right racist sites, and provides examples. Frameshop: ‘Macaca’ or ‘Macaque’. Go read it, but I warn you, it’s pretty sick stuff.
So seeing how it is used on the right-wing, racist websites Feldman found, there is no question what Sen. Allen was saying. Also, it seems that Senator Allen has had a problem with this in his background. From GEORGE ALLEN’S RACE PROBLEM,

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