Cutting Spending

Ever notice how Republicans will never say exactly WHAT “big government” spending they want to cut? And if you really, really press them, they’ll name something that adds up to maybe a half a percent of the budget deficit and think they’re all righteous.
ANYway, I just went to the Post Office because I had to get a utility bill into the mail and only had a 37-cent stamp. So I had to get a 2-cent stamp. When I got there the vending achine was broken and there was a line. 20 minutes later I get to the front of the line, slam down the envelope and two pennies, said “20 minutes!” and walked out.
Now I feel terrible for the employee. It wasn’t her fault, but she had to soak up my anger – and probably has to do this dozens of times a day. No wonder they “go postal.”
But this is about more than just that.

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