Contaminated Food Supply?

News stories are starting to make it look like the contamination that has been killing dogs and cats might also be in the human food supply. Where is the FDA? The public needs to know what to do! (Or has everyone at that agency been replaced with Pat Robertson infiltrators like at the Justice Department and FEMA?)

American regulators admit that six weeks after one of the biggest pet food recalls in U.S. history, they still do not know who in China manufactured the contaminated pet food ingredients or where in China the contamination took place.
Though the agency has named two Chinese companies as the suppliers of the tainted vegetable protein, regulators suspect the companies may not have been making the feed but buying it from other feed manufacturers in China. Those producers, regulators believe, may have intentionally mixed melamine into the feed to artificially inflate the level of protein in the bags to meet pet food requirements.
… Worried that the contaminant could continue to enter the United States and also seep into the human food supply through additives, regulators have blocked all Chinese imports of wheat gluten and warned importers to screen nearly every other kind of food and feed additive entering the country from China, including corn gluten and soy protein.

There is NOTHING that says this stuff stayed in animal food. We already know that pork and chickens were contaminated and then eaten by people…
More coming on this.