Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Ann Coulter

Think Progress サ Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter During Live Television Appearance
Watch it:
Why was this woman FEATURED on a national show, when we all know that her entire routine is hate speech? Shame on Chris Matthews. Shame on MSNBC.

Edwards Announcement – Live Blogging

The announcement is live right now on TV. Elizabeth Edwards cancer is back, spreading into bones – a rib, not curable but treatable. Minimal spread so far, no real symptoms. She cracked a rib which led to a chest X-ray which saw cancer somewhere else Many patients in similar circumstances have lived many years. Positive attitude, etc. Encouraged… Life will not be significantly different but will be seeing doctor much more often.
The campaign continues. No intention of cowering in the corner. She will campaign with him.

Elizabeth: It’s (the campaign) not about John Edwards. The people they have met, every even, someone cried on her shoulder about the state of their life. They don’t have the wonderful support that she has an no place to turn so it is unbelievable important that they get this campaign right. Can’t deprive the people of having a president like Edwards simply because she wants to sit at home.
John: Yesterday was not a good day for us. Not shockingly to anyone who knows Elizabeth all she wanted to talk about was John, the children and the country. Not a word about her.

Elizabeth: John came home after she hurt her back, gave her a big hug, she heard a pop.
John: Actually I was beating her. (Fox News/Drudge Headline will probably be: “Edwards Broke Wife’s Rib During Beating”)

Update – Hillary Clinton has a great tribute to Elizabeth Edwards on her site.