R. I. P. Alfred Peet

“I came to the richest country in the world, so why are they drinking the lousiest coffee?”
Alfred Peet, founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, died Wednesday at 87. I have posted a roundup of stories at Smelling the Coffee.

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I Must Have Too Much Free Time

I’m going to write about Peet’s again because I like to go out to a coffeeshop, sit down, get a GOOD coffee and get some work done. And Peet’s has great coffee. Really, really good coffee. In my opinion you can not get better coffee. If you don’t live near a Peet’s you should order some beans online and try them.
But Peet’s refuses to put wireless in their coffee shops! I have rarely seen a more obvious case of a problem with management of a company. They “get” beans. They don’t “get” coffee shops at all. On the one hand, they are expanding their outlets, so they at least have the appearance of wanting a coffee shop presense. But at the same time they do nothing to make their coffee shops into places people want to go to and sit down. A Peet’s employee today told me they aren’t getting wireless because they think they have enough customers. There were no other customers in the shop at the time.
Meanwhile their main competition Starbucks does such a good job creating a comfortable environment for their customers to enjoy. You feel welcome in a Starbucks and most Starbucks I have been in have been great places to work. Peets’ problem with refusing to get wireless is just one example. They finally decided to put some chairs in a few of their coffee shops, but … Oh never mind. I guess I have too much free time.
Other people writing about this, too. Starbucks Gossip: Peet’s is never going to get wi-fi, says employee, (read the comments!!). (I do want to say that Peet’s employees are just great, it’s not the empolyees it’s the management that doesn’t “get” how to set up an environment that people want to be in.)