Front Group Report: Black Republican Freedom Fund

This piece originally appeared on The Patriot Project
A new, factory-produced front group named the Black Republican Freedom Fund is running ads saying – sit down for this, and do NOT have a cup of coffee anywhere near your face – “Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Republican.”
Last week in Patriot Project’s report, Front-Group Economic Freedom Fund and Meridian Pacific, the question was asked,

“How is it that so many front groups are able to appear just in time to spread their lies and poison into campaign seasons? It is almost as if there is a template that is used, with a factory that cranks them out, all the parts assembled, needing only a misleading name — and a target.”

That story discussed how one person is able to fund a front group that is now conducting nasty (and in one case likely illegal) “push polls” and running ads against Democrats in Congressional districts around the country.
That Patriot Project story concluded,

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