Tactics, Strategy, Messages Might Not Matter

All the tactics, strategies, messages, smears., issues, etc. might not even matter in this election.

Ready or Not (and Maybe Not), Electronic Voting Goes National:

“nearly one-third of the more than 150 million registered voters in the United States will be asked to cast their ballots on machines whose accuracy and security against fraud have yet to be tested on such a grand scale.”

You click a box on a screen that says Kerry, but later the machine reports that you voted for Bush. Or, maybe you click a box that says Bush, and the machine reports that you voted for Kerry. And there is NO WAY at all to check. None.

Or maye the machines don’t change any votes. There’s no way to know that either.

There is no way to trust the results of the coming election for a third of all votes cast. None.

This is a formula for civil strife if there ever was one. Watch your backs.