Swiftboating King’s Funeral – Here It Comes!

The right is trying to repeat the damage they were able to do by manufacturing outrage over what they described as “politicization” of Paul Wellstone’s funeral by those mean Democrats. They seem to have a coordinated effort going on, saying mostly the same things, many referring directly to the Wellstone funeral. (Update – John at AMERICABlog has the right response: “Get ready for the white men of the Republican party to lecture black leaders about not knowing their place.”)
The right-wing chorus is gearing up. Rush Limbaugh, We Have a Wellstone Moment.
Are we going to let them get away with it this time? More examples:


Today’s memorial service for civil rights activist Coretta Scott King — billed as a “celebration” of her life — turned suddenly political as one former president took a swipe at the current president, who was also lashed by an outspoken black pastor! … Former President Jimmy Carter later swung at Bush as well, not once but twice. … Later, Carter said Hurricane Katrina showed that all are not yet equal in America. Some black leaders have blamed Bush for the poor federal response, and rapper Kayne West said that Bush “hates” black people.

Note – Obviously they have some research showing that their target groups are responding favorably to characterizations of Democrats as “haters.” This from Drudge comes during a coordinated chorus of right-wingers accusing various Democrats of “hate” and “anger.” Republican Party Chair Ken Mehlman accused Hillary Clinton of this just the other day. I really doubt this from Drudge is some kind of mistake or misquote.
Right Wing News: Don’t Try To Score Political Points At A Funeral,

Some of these Dems can’t even set aside their politics long enough to properly honor the dead. What a lack of class.

Stop the ACLU, Coretta Scott King Funeral Turns Into Bush Bash,

Leave it to the liberals to use the funeral of a Civil Rights leader to preach their Bush hatred. It isn’t even shocking how low they will go now. Absolutely shameful how the race baiters have no respect for the dead, and used this as a political platform.

Have They No Shame?

The Democrats just can’t restrain themselves. Absolutely ungodly. … Jimmy Carter and Joseph Lowery gone wild with Bush-bashing sermons at Coretta Scott King’s funeral.

Paul Wellstone II: The Coretta Scott King “Funeral”,

Today’s “funeral” service seemed like it the Paul Wellstone “funeral”, or as Instapundit called it, a campaign rally.

Cold Fury, Yet another embarrassment,

Yeah, I know, I know. No, they really don’t seem to have any shame at all, do they?

Blogs For Bush,

I’m not sure what I was watching today… a funeral for Coretta Scott King, or a Bush-bashing festival. I’m reminded of Paul Wellstone’s funeral… disgraceful.

GOP Bloggers, Another Corpse, Another Rally,

What is it about Democrats that they can’t show up at a funeral without turning it into a political convention? First it was Paul Wellstone and now Coretta Scott King.

Lots and lots more manufactured outrage out there. Here it comes!!
UpdateAgain, Democrats Prove Nothing is Sacred or Out of Bounds
What Is It With Democrats And Funerals?
Less Than Zero Class: Using Funeral of Coretta Scott King to Rip Political Adversaries
No Class – Kings Low,

God save us from the parasites such as Jessie Jackson (who danced on King’s grave), as well as the Clintons who will do anything and say anything to get and maintain power. Even arrange for the murder of a gabby Cabinet member and then go to his funeral to laugh about it.

17 thoughts on “Swiftboating King’s Funeral – Here It Comes!

  1. Have They No Shame? (VIDEO)

    Damnit folks, this was a ceremony to eulogize Coretta Scott King; NOT to get up and pontificate about your personal achievements, what you perceive to be the failures of the Bush Administration, or how much you hate and despise him! Oh, and do you REAL…

  2. The Swift-Boating of Coretta Scott King’s Funeral

    Rev. Joseph Lowery gave an impassioned eulogy at Coretta Scott’s funeral today. You can watch it here. Four U.S. presidents were in attendance at the funeral, including President Bush. Among Reverand Lowery’s statements was this one, which was greeted …

  3. The Swift-Boating of Coretta Scott King’s Funeral

    Rev. Joseph Lowery gave an impassioned eulogy at Coretta Scott’s funeral today. You can watch it here. Four U.S. presidents were in attendance at the funeral, including President Bush. Among Reverand Lowery’s statements was this one, which was greeted …

  4. As we know, Dear Leader regards anything less than a standing ovation as ungracious.
    So it’s understandable that he’s upset.
    Why can’t you people be more reaonable?

  5. VIDEO: Coretta Kings Funeral Hard Work for President Bush

    From Think Progress:Speaking before four presidents, including President George W. Bush, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery received a standing ovation today at the Coretta Scott King funeral. Watch it: We know now there were no weapons…

  6. I guess you guys didn’t actually SEE the funeral? Everything I heard on Rush actually was said. No kidding, he used the real audio. The fact is that it was a bald-faced hatefest, and the Left is just upset that the Right has an apparatus in place to call them on it. Funny, but hatred never looks quite so attractive when you see it in the mirror.
    Could it really be possible? The worst President of the 20th century, Jimmy Carter, is actually a WORSE ex-president than he was a president. Never would have believed it possible if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Somebody tell this guy that ex-presidents, especially senile ones, are supposed to retire to quiet obscurity until they die. At least Clinton can still spin a yarn, and since he is running for first-man, he can be partially excused.

  7. One more thing: Is the definition of “Swiftboating” now used to mean repeating something bad (and documented by either eye witnesses or video/audio) about somebody so that the public doesn’t let it slip by under the radar? If so, then I agree, both Kerry and this funeral were “Swiftboated”.
    Or, does it just mean a successful political tactic used by the Right to thwart the Left yet again? OK, I’ll give you that one too.

  8. Finally: Bill Clinton is a truly gifted communicator. He has a real gift for connection that I have seen exceeded only by Ronald Reagan. After listening to him at the funeral, I was reminded why the Clintons were so persistently difficult to get rid of. Thank God for presidential term limits. Thank God it will be a couple of generations before you find another one like him.

  9. I’d like it noted for the public record that speakers at my funeral are permitted — nay, encouraged — to speak on issues that were important to me. They don’t even have to have the same views on those issues as I had, as long as they acknowledge, accurately and forthrightly, what MY views were and why I held them.
    Thank you for your attention.

  10. RMP, if you are referring to the SBVFT as actually being legitimate, then you haven’t done any research on it. Those guys contradicted their own documented recollections on the matter in order to show fealty to the GOP political agenda, and slandered John Kerry in the process. You’re an idiot.

  11. “Swiftboated” means to sign off on something as entirely true and correct at the time you witness it, and then, thirty years later when you’re approached by well-financed party activists, you lie about what you saw and take the opposite of your signed, documented previous position. There is no evidence to support a “swiftboaters” claim, only their present insistence that what they swore to thirty years ago (at the time) was actually mistaken and these “recovered memories” are actually the truth. It is a tactic the right has had some success with, much like many other tactics employed by the right historically, such as eavesdropping and Jim Crow laws.

  12. VIDEO: Lowery Responds To Right-Wing’s ‘Politicization’ Criticisms

    From Think Progress: Rev. Joseph Lowery appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night to respond to right-wing criticisms that his remarks inappropriately politicized Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Carlson told Lowery his remarks “seem…

  13. Well perhaps the correct term would be “Welstoning” where at the funeral of Paul Welstone, some scattered booing was blown way out of proportion.

  14. Dean: My recollection was that the SBVFT had been around, saying approximately the same thing, that Kerry exaggerated his war record, for thirty years. There were 200+ of these guys, who for 30 years showed up everytime Kerry ran for election and got absolutely nothing out of their claims – no fame, no money, and no motivation to lie.
    They raised a small amount of money, and ran an ad in a few small markets when the prospect of a Kerry presidency (very real and frightening at the time, I’m sure) became more than they could bear. The Kerry camp and their left-leaning toadies in the MSM ignored it for a week, and it almost died an agonizing, hunkered-down, Clintonesq death. But, the MSM whores couldn’t resist forever, and soon one broke the story. Then, every MSM news outlet was fueling the story – and it finally stuck. That, more than any Rovian plot made SBVFT the conventional wisdom of the campaign.
    Funny, you guys express outrage that “war hero” Kerry was accused of fabricating his record, even though these allegations were out there for thiry years. At the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to you to impugn the integrity, and question the veracity of over 200 war heros, who never profited from their “hero” status to the degree Kerry did, and who never sought to make their service the centerpiece of a campaign for president.
    I don’t often lower myself to your level, but it seems you are the idiot for thinking your hypocracy and bitterness has any hope of reversing the steady slide of liberalism into the sea of political irrelevence and defeat.

  15. Coretta King’s funeral was a side show. What else would one expect from the leaders of a movement bent on restoring welfare benefits through extortion of the American taxpayers, this time through current slave reparation lawsuits? And, they are getting away with it! Is this what Mrs. King would have wanted? Let’s hope not.
    The criminal mindset that supports the above type activity, to me, is generated by like individuals that would cover up the good deeds of decent folks as they have always done. When I was growing up in the deep south, it was a common practice for people like me to give up their seat in the white section of a crowded bus to elderly folks, “no matter the color,” long before Rosa Parks, or Mr. or Mrs. King came along. However, this is not what these individuals will admit, and it is not what you will see or hear about, because it will die with folks like me instead of being taught as historical fact, unless we get rid of activist judges, and get more people with commonsense in our educational systems as well. Would Mrs. King want this to happen? Sadly, we will most likely never know.
    The above example is a method of operation which attempts to hide the truth through censoring the goodwill of the majority of Americans for the benefit of a minority. This same type of censorship fueled by one-sided reporting is also commonplace with hate crimes. Take the dragging-death of the black man in Texas: This event will be broadcast by them and the media, like the Holocaust, for generations to come on a frequent basis, not just because it is horrific, but because its fits their profile. However, the white man who was pulled from his semi-truck in Los Angeles while stopped at a red light, and had his face “crushed” by a black man, remains hushed. The same media exposure can be said for all the innocent white victims maimed and killed in drive by shootings in the rioting across America during the 1960s and 1970s, which were “black led.” These people became victims of violence simply because they walked down the street, or was standing on the street corner in the middle of their town! Where are all these murdering militants today? Why have these victims gone to their graves without constant media coverage like those in the events aforementioned?! Is this an example of good journalism? Consider the rapes, murders, and other horrific crimes perpetrated by blacks against white citizens of all ages that get little, if any, exposure at all; such is their method of operation, and such is justice to those of us in America who are not black. Consider the fact that these same people do not believe that blacks can be racist, that it is a trait of other people, but not them! Is this what Mr. and Mrs. King, and Rosa Parks stood for? Is this the legacy to the individual who took something that had been a common phrase since ancient times like, I have a Dream, and made it famous? If it is not what the civil rights movement represents, then why does this same movement reap such poison fruit each and every day in our country? This, plus the criticism our President and First Lady received for the benefit of America’s enemies, and those whose aims are self-serving, at a time “normal people” would dedicate to mourning the passing of another human being.
    Thank God for the internet, but regrettably so for the sad circus at Mrs. King’s funeral. This which brings to mind another example of an old plain truth: Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself. Well, the true face of the leaders behind the civil rights movement may not ever be in our post offices, but it is burned in the minds eye of decent people all around the world…along with the ugly movement they represent which is saturated with greed and extortion. It is not what decent people want in America. I think Mr. and Mrs. King, and Rosa Parks would regret what the civil rights movement has done to people of all colors.

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