Swiftboat Liars Part II

I just got a heads-up (via Brad DeLong’s comments) on the next trick Rove has promised us he has up his sleeve: an attack on Kerry’s membership in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Soon he will be asked to take the blame for everything that anyone in that group ever did or said. So we’ll be refighting the Vietnam War one more time.

This can’t be a surprise, and I presume that the Kerry campaign has a sharp response and counterattack sitting on the shelf ready to throw out there — it might even make sense for them to take the initiative, or to reopen an attack on Bush’s pitiful Guard record.

By contrast to the rest of the swiftboaters’ BS, this is really a legit political issue, and one that Kerry should be able to make work for him. Most of the people who are going to be angry about Kerry’s V.V.A.W. activities made up their minds about him decades ago. Those for whom it is a new issue might see Kerry’s activities in a positive light.

Here’s the warning. Supposedly the ad will be out in the next few days:

The swift vets are NOT done, friends

I can’t say a lot…but I wonder.

Mr. Kerry, do you have some rowdy friends?

Better yet, are you ready for some commercials?”

Red State

P.S. Here’s Yuval Rubenstein’s take on the situation. He believes that further recourse to the discredited SBV’s is a sign of desperation, as was the early release of their first “bombshell” — which gave us time to discredit them. Let’s hope he’s right.