Swift Boat Repeat

It’s within five points. This is important because … well just look at the history of elections in this district:

2004: 72% to 28%
2002: 74% to 26%
2000: 74% to 23%
1998: 76% to 24%

So suddenly the national Republican Party is pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars which will be used to smear Paul Hackett because he was a Marine Major who served in Iraq. The Republicans just can’t stand to see this happening, and they understand what it will mean for their propaganda machine if Hackett wins.
So do we. So go help: ActBlue – Paul Hackett for Congress, Ohio, District 2

4 thoughts on “Swift Boat Repeat

  1. The Washington Post is reporting the House passed CAFTA by a vote of 217 to 215.
    Here’s a great talking point for Hackett.
    Forget fags and abortion, how about jobs that pay living wages for Ohioans…?

  2. The blogosphere is having a major impact… last time I looked, donations on the ActBlue page were in the $150,000 range, and now they’re in the $300,000+ range. Hopefully, this is drawing in other money as well.

  3. Question/point: if the Democrats can run a competitive race in a district this daunting, what would they be able to do if they found decent candidates to run in more competitive districts… and maybe, why “waste” Paul in a district like this, when the evidence suggests he’d be a shoo-in elsewhere?

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