Swift Boat Liars, etc.: Combating Republican Slime Operations

A few posts down, Dave linked to a bunch of the Republican character assassin sites pushing the “Swift Boat” smear. For those of you who want to do your own research, here are some links to the most prolific sources of Republican slime, together with links to debunking sites and to some research I did a few months ago.

The Bad Guys:

Citizens United (Bossie) / Vietnam Special Forces Against Kerry (Noe) / GOP USA (Aldrich) / Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (Stampley) / NRO: The Corner / Ann Coulter / Front Page / Worldnet Daily / NY Post / Washington Times / Republican National Committee / George W. Bush.com

The Good Guys:

Daily Howler / Media Matters / Kerry Campaign: D-Bunker / Move On: Daily Misleader / CJR Campaign Desk / Snopes (search “Kerry”) / Spinsanity (search “Kerry”)

Some stuff I gathered:

Kerry’s Military Service / Kerry’s Anti-war Activities / Kerry’s Military & Intelligence Votes / Cleland’s Military Service .

The links just above are only up-to-date as of March 31 or so. Ex-Senator Max Cleland is included as an example of the way the Republican attack machine (e.g., the near-psychotic TV personality Ann Coulter) is willing to smear absolutely anyone. Sen. John McCain during the 2000 South Carolina primary is another example.

Most of the surrogates have no direct connection with Bush or the Republican Party, but they all show up reliably whenever there’s dirty work that needs to be done.