Supreme Court — Who?

I suspect it could well be Janice Rogers Brown. (She is one of the judges from the filibuster fight.) She is far-far-right, and a black woman.
The Republicans will see this entirely in political terms, seeing this as an opportunity to split the Democratic coalition. They think black people will support her entirely on skin color, which is how they (Republicans) see things, and women will support her entirely on gender, which is also how they see things.
Update Sadly, No! predicts it will be Reverend Sun Myung Moon

8 thoughts on “Supreme Court — Who?

  1. They think black people will support her entirely on skin color, as they do, and women will support her entirely on gender, as they do.
    What? I don’t understand this at all.

  2. O’Conner has been a swing vote, but the country’s moved so far to the right we forget that Reagan appointed her and she’s a conservative. We didn’t elect this maniac president. Our fellow countrymen did that. The alarm bells had been sounded before the election. We knew that during this term several supreme court judges could be appointed. This is not a surprise. it would be nice if the Democratic party could find its voice and come up with an adequate response, but I don’t expect this to happen. I expect it to whine and quake and complain like a bunch of turkeys waiting for Thanksgiving. If that’s what happens I don’t feel the slightest sympathy for them. Only pity for our children, who will have to clean up this mess and reconstruct the country.
    For God’s sake, Monday is Independence Day! That should mean something! Let’s do it!

  3. Building on Bradford Plumer’s theory, I think Bush will nominate John Bolton. After both sides get good and fird up, Bush withdraws Bolton and nominates Judge Roy Moore for Chief Justice and he “gets treated as the ‘compromise’ candidate, is lauded far and wide as a moderate, and finally gets confirmed after pressure on the Senate Dems to “act like grown-ups” by television pundits.”

  4. My guess:
    Robert Bork.
    He’s tan, rested, and ready.
    And Bush would do that just to give an even bigger middle finger to those pesky Democratic obstructionists.

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