Suppose our government learned that North Korea was planning an invasion of South Korea. Suppose our government learned that the Serbians were planning to invade Albaina, possibly triggering a wider conflict. Suppose they learned that Venezuela was planning an action against its neighbor, triggering a conflict that threatened to destabilize Mexico, maybe bring enemies of the U.S. to power, and in any event sending millions of refugees rushing north to our borders.

What actions would be available to them? Could they go to the UN to make a case? Could they go to the country to ask for support for military action to protect our interests?

After Iraq, the government could not realistically go to the UN to ask for action. They have no credibility — they have been caught lying. They could not go to the country to make a case for military action because they have been caught lying AND because have intentionally divided the country, using “wedge issues” and using national security for political purposes.

And, with our military completely tied down in Iraq, they couldn’t even take action on their own.

Look at the mess we are in should a REAL national security threat emerge. THIS is a practical example of why what Bush has done is so bad. He has left us vulnerable. He has destroyed our credibility with the world. He has destroyed the credibility of our government with US. By using terror alerts politically, we can’t even trust if Bush comes to us to say there is a new threat. What is he going to say, “This time I mean it, this time it’s for real“?