Suppose The Dems Win A Majority In The House?

I’ve been thinking about how to approach things if the Dems do take a House. It doesn’t mean anything, they can’t pass anything, and actually makes a lot of problems worse because the Right can blame Dems as the consequences of the last 6 years arrive. As Dems try to fix things like the deficits, the Right will still be powerful, still have their noise machine, and will be sabotaging everything.
The Dems have no power structure (infrastructure) to watch their backs and explain to the public why they are doing what they must do… Just the blogs…
Digby, as only Digby can, starts the discussion.

No matter how tempting it is to let bygones be bygones and get to work to “fix” the problems, the Democrats must recognize that fixing the problem requires discrediting this Republican revolution once and for all. Until that happens, they will keep coming back and each time they do they destroy a little bit more of our democracy.

1 thought on “Suppose The Dems Win A Majority In The House?

  1. This is a terribly important point. There’s been a very Freudian pattern — the Republicans as the Bad Boy Wild Kids muck up everything, the Democrats take over in the Stern Parents role and self-righteously fix everything, the Republicans kick and scream about the nasty Democratic liberals spoiling all their fun and get right back into power again. This has been going on at least since Nixon and its very destructive. At this point the entire country is out of touch with reality. Too bad we don’t have any shrinks who can psychoanalyze political parties.

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