"Support the Troops"

One of these days I’m going to write a long piece about “Support the Troops”. It’s a big lie, sort of like hostage-taking: “If you say that I’m wrong, then the lives of these soldiers were wasted! And if any more are killed, that will be your fault too!” Our Commander in Chief is hiding behind the troops, who are expected not only to defeat the enemy but also to fight against Bush’s domestic critics.

Rumsfeld’s D.C. press conferences are cute as all get-out, but his snarky responses to the troops in Kuwait don’t seem quite so funny. (At least he didn’t say “goodness gracious me” again. Someone probably would have shot him if he had).

Rumsfeld actually believes that the troops are cannon fodder whose duty is to shut up and do their jobs, and he came reasonably close to saying so in Kuwait.

(Here are some more stories about the troops, one from Bartcop and one from Kos:

Veterans of the Iraq War are already starting to show up in homeless shelters.

Scott Zellem, the pilot who flew Bush to the carrier photo-op, has been killed. There’s been no national publicity so far.

North Dakota Guardsman with doubts about the war has been killed: he felt “betrayal and abandonment”