Supply Chains

We invaded Iraq to overthrow the Sunni government and put Shiites in charge there. Now Bush is at war with Shiite Hezbollah, encouraging and assisting Israel in the destruction of Lebanon, and threatening Shiite Iran.
We have over 120,000 troops in Iraq, dependant upon a logistical supply chain through Shiite southern Iraq to Kuwait. One word from Iran – just one – and those troops are cut off. I wonder if the families of our troops understand how serious this whole situation is?

3 thoughts on “Supply Chains

  1. Took a bunch of idiots to get us into this one. The idiot-in-chief’s daddy had enough sense not to get into this kind of mess. One thing I wish I knew. Are the Shiites in Iraq Persian or Arab? If they’re Persian in origin, we’re in even deeper trouble than if they’re just Shiite.

  2. Remember it was the Generals who obeyed the orders and lead there troops into this situation and that those troops voted 80% + for the idiot in 2000 and 70% + in 2004 so the stupidity seems to go right from the oval office down to the lowliest grunt and back up again.
    Once again Sun Tzu has been proven right. You don’t use good men as soldiers.

  3. MJ, I believe the Iraqi Shi’a are Arabs, but in the general world of Islamic affairs, ethnicity is less important than denomination.
    There is a small Arab population in southwestern Iran and Saddam Hussein had hoped that he would be seen as a “liberator” to those Arabs when he launched his unsuccessful invasion of Iran in 1980. The problem was that the majority of those Iranian Arabs were Shi’ites and had no interest in being “liberated” since it was already well-known among Muslims that Hussein had little interest in the well-being of his own (majority) Shi’ite population.
    Let’s not forget that several Arab nations attempted at various times from the 1950s through the 1980s to create a “united” Arab nation, but all attempts failed. The most successful form was the Egyptian-Syrian United Arab Republic which lasted only 3 years (1958-61).

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