Suddenly One Or Two Terror Stories Each Day

Have you noticed that there are at least one or two terror stories each day now, in the news?
Terrorism threat grounds Bakersfield bound plane

No one has been injured, but the plane made an unscheduled landing in El Paso and all passengers were been removed. A part of the airport near the plane has been evacuated, according to television station KTSM in El Paso.

Flight diverted due to security concerns,

An American Airlines flight carrying 179 people from Manchester, England, to Chicago has been diverted to Bangor, Maine because of security concerns.

Six flights disrupted by security concerns ,

Security concerns disrupted six U-S flights today.
A college student’s checked luggage contained traces of dynamite. It was found on flight from Argentina to New Jersey. Authorities are checking why the student got off at the stop in Houston, where the traces were detected.
In other incidents:
— An American Airlines flight from England to Chicago was forced to land in Bangor, Maine. No word on why.
— A U-S Airways jet was diverted to Oklahoma City after a federal air marshal subdued a passenger who had pushed a flight attendant.
— A Continental Airlines flight from Texas to California was held in El Paso, one of its scheduled stops, after the crew discovered a missing panel in the lavatory.
— A utility knife was found on a vacant passenger seat of a U-S Airways flight from Philadelphia to Connecticut.
— And an Aer Lingus flight from New York to Dublin was evacuated this morning during a scheduled stop in western Ireland. A bomb threat turned out to be unfounded.

6 thoughts on “Suddenly One Or Two Terror Stories Each Day

  1. This is the softening up of the electorate in advance of the Nov mid terms.
    It will continue and even escalate but I doubt we will see any atack here in the US. That might backfire and prove once and for all that the administration can not protect us.

  2. That ain’t all either in this ongoing “Be Afraid Be Very Afraid” campaign. The official government line on exactly what we’re supposed to do to cope with any kind of approaching disaster couldn’t be more clear — and it couldn’t be more clear, either, that the government doesn’t plan to do a damned thing except make us entirely responsible for our own protection.
    In today’s mail I received a pamphlet from the city’s Office of Emergency Management. The title: preparing for hurricanes in New York City. Now, I’ve lived in my apartment long enough to go through two hurricanes here. All they ever told us to do was to tape our windows, which we did, and bring inside anything that could blow around like lawn furniture. We were fine. One window leaked during the second hurricane.We now have new windows.
    Now we’re being told that we must figure out whether we’re in an evacuation zone and threatened with a storm surge of up to 30 ft. deep water! This has never happened in the history of NYC. I’m in what’s now an evacuation zone next to the Hudson. We’re supposed to prepare both a “go bag” AND a “survival kit” and have sleeping bags, arrange to stay with friends or relatives not in the evacuation zone, and get the Hell out of here in our cars if we’re told to evacuate. Probably at least half the population of Manhattan don’t have cars. So what? Go buy one. You can’t possibly evacuate a city of 8 million by car. Remember the mess when Houston tried to evacuate by car last summer. There will be some shelters, but no plans for food or water we don’t bring. We’re supposed to have “a gallon of water per person per day” with us! Like we know in advance how many days? Plus water purifying tablets or “unscented bleach” for water treatment. And so on. The only government plan is to tell us to get the Hell out. Not even plans to provide mass transportation.
    I also got pretty much the same thing from my health insurance company a few weeks ago. This was titled “Preparing for the Coming Avian Flu Pandemic.” We’re supposed to prepare NOW, although the bird flu doesn’t even spread between humans yet, and Manhattan is remarkably short of chicken farms. There are two differences: we’re not supposed to evacuate but to be prepared to stay inside for months, and to wash our hands a lot. That’s it. The main message from both is: don’t expect any help of any kind from your government. If there’s a disaster you’re on your own.
    Isn’t this really what’s called a disclaimer of liability? And a reminder to be afraid, be very afraid? The lesson learned from Katrina and New Orleans is that the government’s gonna cover its butt in advance and deny responsibility.
    I am not amused. I live a few blocks north of the World Trade Center site. After 9/11 there were no riots here, no looting, no civic chaos. Food was restocked in the stores as an immediate priority. City government had been doing disaster planning for years in advance; I know because I worked for the city. It worked. Now that attitude’s gone, even from our own Office of Emergency Preparation. We’re a lot worse off than we were before 9/11.

  3. We know the stakes are very high, Social Security privatization, selling off our forests and public roads, privatizing the schools and eliminating the rest of workers/consumer rights as well as avoiding all those richly deserved war crimes charges.
    With all that going on, I have to wonder if they aren’t even more motivated than we are to win the elections. It looks as if they have redeployed old Michael Ledeen’s playbook of creative destruction and mass chaos.
    Is the answer unrelenting ridicule of those that wet their beds on cue?
    OTOH, if anything did happen, we can’t say that we weren’t informed of the your-on-your-own-er-ship society rules well in advance. Sorry MJ.

  4. thanks for that comment, MJ. I’m forwarding it around a bit today. Hope you don’t mind.

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