Voters in Alabama overwhelmingly rejected a plan to cut their own taxes and raise taxes on the rich a bit. Instead the state services they receive will be cut dramatically.

The beneficiaries are a coalition of “bankers, farmers, small-business owners, timber interests and conservative groups like the Alabama Christian Coalition and Americans for Tax Reform.”

Never forget what we’re up against — the Right’s marketing people are the same people who convinced millions of people to kill themselves, but hand over their money first. These people are GOOD at what they do.

Update –From a Washington Post story:

Alabama has the nation’s lowest state and local taxes per capita and ranks near the bottom in tests of public school performance. It also has more than 28,000 inmates in a prison system built for 12,000, and its state police force has only six troopers patrolling 67,500 miles of roadway after midnight. Riley’s plan also aimed to shift the tax burden to the wealthiest Alabamians, who pay an effective tax rate of 3 percent, from the poorest, who pay 12 percent.

[. . .]

Perhaps most striking was opposition among low-income voters, whose taxes would have been cut dramatically. A poll conducted late last week by University of Alabama at Birmingham communications professor Larry Powell found that low- and middle-income voters opposed the plan by a margin of about 30 percentage points. Upper-income voters, who would face tax increases, opposed it by a margin of 14 percentage points.

What can I say? The right OWNS them. I was in the car earlier and Rush was saying that the librulmedia can’t “get away with” anything anymore because there are enough people getting their information from him, and Fox, and Drudge and other far-right sources… He’s right. (“Right” — get it?)

Update – Read the comment from Romberry, who was working on this in Alabama!