Study How They Did It

I just posted a comment over at Kos: “Study How They Did It”:

We all need to study how the Right has built such an influential “infrastructure” and how they use it to manipulate the press and public discussion. They craft “framed messages” and repeat them over and over (and over) until they become “conventional wisdom.”

For example, Social Security is NOT going broke. But it is “conventional wisdom” that it is because they have repeated this message over and over. Another one is “children trapped in failing public schools.”

They have been working to change minds for 30 years. But they have also created a model for how we can fight back. It is up to the people on our side who have money to start funding a counter-infrastructure of organizations designed to bring basic UNDERLYING ideas to the public. DEMOCRACY and COMMUNITY are fundamental concepts that have been undermined. Popel believe in one-dollar-one-vote solutions to problems now. They talk about “market solutions to public probles.” Well that’s not democracy, folks.

Read Brock’s book The Republican Noise Machines. Spend some time at Media Transparency and read everything there! Check out Commonweal Institute’s page of links to articles about how the Right has built and uses this movement. Read EVERYTHING by George Lakoff. And start giving money to organizations like Media Matters, Media Transparency, Center for American Progress, Commonweal Institute so they can start working to turn this around.