Keeping in m ind what I wrote about Americans looking for a leader who will protect them, take a look at the “prepared remarks” of Laura Bush, in Laura Bush Says Husband Leads with ‘Strength’:

First Lady Laura Bush said on Tuesday that President Bush (news – web sites) had led the United States with “strength and conviction” after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and deserved re-election so he could finish the job of making America safer.

As Republicans hoped to show a softer, more compassionate side on the second night of their convention, the first lady said in prepared remarks her husband was leading “the most historic struggle my generation has ever known. The stakes are so high.”

I repeat: People are scared and they want leaders who will protect them. Kerry needs to tell the public how he is better at protecting them against terrorists than Bush is. He needs to make a convincing case. That is what the public wants to know. That is the ONLY question today. The Republicans know this.