Kevin Drum wrote something interesting today:

…the Republican leadership often tries to actively minimize the number of Democratic votes their bills get. It’s more than simply not caring about Democratic votes. If a bill is in danger of getting bipartisan support, they’ll often lard it up with superfluous junk — random union bashing is a favorite — specifically designed to force Democrats to vote against it. Why? Because it promotes Republican solidarity, solidifies Democrats’ reputation as obstructionists, keeps votes close so that their supporters remain in a constant checkbook-ready state of panic, and convinces business interests that Democrats hate them. Cases in point include the Homeland Security bill, the Medicare bill, and CAFTA.

Intentional dividing the country.

3 thoughts on “Strategies

  1. Very good point. Nothing works better for them than being able to point out sharp divisions between themselves and the demonized “liberals.” This is true of their supposed “moral” issues, too. They’re chosen to function like boogie-man issues, something for their followers to get hysterical about, whether they’re really moral issues or not. And of course the Democrats are falling right into the trap, eager to start saying, “Me, too!”

  2. This, like almost everything Drum asserts, is ridiculous. The best thing that could possibly happen is if SOMEBODY, ANYBODY forced the demcorats to separate themselves from the so-called “middle” — what used to be called the far right until the late 70s.
    We should PRAY that the repugs can somehow force the so-called “Democrats” back into the Democrat party. but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Those democorats just love it where they are, and no matter how hard the repugs try to push them toward virtue they will resist to maintain their comfortable, profitable corruption.

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