Stopping Sinclair Broadcasting

By now you know that Sinclair Broadcasting is ordering all of their stations to broadcast during prime-time – just before the election – a smear “documentary” made by the Swift Boat Veterans.

The Democratic National Committee has a web page devoted to action on this: DNC Action Alert: Stop Sinclair’s Anti-Kerry Smear.

Also, Steve at Left Coaster and Kevin at The American Street have taken the lead in blogging and suggesting ways to act on this.

But this is what AM radio is and has been for twenty years — a full-time 24/7 commercial for the organized Right’s takeover of the Republican Party and the country. I think this is the kind of thing to expect as long as the Right’s powerful, well-funded network of ideological advocacy/communications organizations is not countered by similarly-funded and chartered Progressive organizations. I think it can only get worse until people who support OUR side and have money come to understand that they need to step up to the plate and get this underway. The organized “conservative movement” has somewhere betwen 350 and 500 organizations in place, employing literally thousands of professional propogandists. Meanwhile, “our side” has a bunch of broke bloggers battling for BlogAds bucks to boost bandwidth – and buy beer. (Please visit our sponsors.)

As The Party consolidates their control over all aspects of our society, more and more of our institutions will become little more than Party propaganda organs. First we saw the Republican Party itself fall, then churches, the military, sports and sporting events, even the Boy Scouts… Each of these have been infiltrated, overtaken … As history warns us, next comes the purges.