Stimulus Money To Also Fight Cancer

Patrick Swayze, I’m Battling Cancer. How About Some Help, Congress?,

Congress is facing two proposals: a bill approved by the House of Representatives, which includes $3.5 billion for the NIH, and a Senate bill that provides $10 billion for lifesaving scientific work. At a moment when our economy is on its back, the money will also create high-paying jobs and spark economic activity in every part of the United States: The NIH funds projects at hospitals, universities and medical research facilities in towns and cities in each of the 50 states. This money will help every region of America, as well as the individual Americans who will be diagnosed with cancer across the land. Congress should be aggressive and vote for the $10 billion.
[. . .] According to Families USA, a nonprofit group that works for better health care, every dollar in federal research spending generates about $2.20 in total economic activity in communities that host funded projects — about $22 billion in all under the Senate measure.

Wow, stimulating the economy AND fighting cancer at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Stimulus Money To Also Fight Cancer

  1. “Wow, hopefully stimulating the economy AND spending money to fighting cancer at the same time.”
    There, fixed it for you.

  2. Investing in worthwhile, peer reviewed ressearch with demonstrable long term benefits in the aggregate, that also has the nice sside effect of immediately generating economic activity, directly and indirectly, by employing people and generating orders for goods and services.
    There, correction clarified: goal is to put money into the economy, rather than hand it to bankers and other wealthy wealth destroying parsites who will proceed to sit on it.

  3. Hey, Specter did include funding for cancer research relating to his type of cancer, lymphoma.
    The personal as the political?
    Per TPM:

    On the other hand, the Senate bill calls for several billion more in spending for research at the National Institutes of Health, the result of an amendment backed last week by Specter.

    Robert Waldmann posts about it, seeing it as a good use of stimulus funding.

    The aim is to find one off spending which sure doesn’t involve hiring more civil servants which is actually useful. The proposal (not frankly my personal idea) is
    $ 6 million (that’s million with an m) for GMP DOTA-biotin and biotinylated galactosylated albumin.
    I think that strong evidence is available in the published literature that this will save the lives of people with lymphoma. I mean evidence much stronger than any evidence in economics, although much too indirect to be called evidence in biology.
    $ 6 million once. Huge benefits. Explanation after the jump. I promise you that I am absolutely serious.

    He goes on to explain the importance of this research, noting benefits for not only saving lives but stimulating the economy. I am cool with this use of power by Specter.
    It’s just that…I have a cancer which gets limited research–think Specter may put some funding in for my type of cancer?

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