Republicans are holding fast to the idea that getting money into the hands of businesses and the rich “creates jobs.”

I ran a company for 13 years. I know a little bit about how it works. I employed exactly as many people as we needed. I did not employ extra people because I perhaps had more money in the bank account than usual. If times were slow and someone handed me a sackful of money I’d say, “THANKS!” and pocket the money. The only thing that would get me hiring more people was customers with money coming in the door. Period. And if I didn’t have extra money around I would find it.

Let me repeat that. Customers with money coming in the door. That is what gets companies to hire. They hire just enough employees to handle the extra customers. Period. And when there are customers with money coming in the door companies will find the money to hire them, don’t you worry about that.

Raise the minimum wage. Extend unemployment benefits. Launch some jobs programs. Cut the payroll tax. How to pay for that? Raise the sh*t out of taxes on the rich. Raise them till they squeal and then raise them some more.