Still Laughing?

Update 22: White House Finds Humor in Hunting Mishap,

he White House has decided that the best way to deal with Vice President Dick Cheney’s shooting accident is to joke about it.
President Bush’s spokesman quipped Tuesday that the burnt orange school colors of the University of Texas championship football team that was visiting the White House shouldn’t be confused for hunter’s safety wear.
“The orange that they’re wearing is not because they’re concerned that the vice president may be there,” joked White House press secretary Scott McClellan, following the lead of late-night television comedians. “That’s why I’m wearing it.”
The president’s brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, took a similar jab after slapping an orange sticker on his chest from the Florida Farm Bureau that read, “No Farmers, No Food.”
“I’m a little concerned that Dick Cheney is going to walk in,” the governor cracked during an appearance in Tampa Monday.

And now this news:

Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack,

The 78-year-old lawyer who was shot by Vice President
Dick Cheney in a hunting accident has some birdshot lodged in his heart and he had a “minor heart attack,” a hospital official said Tuesday.

Sometimes reality just gets in the darn way of a good propaganda point.
Meanwhile on Limbaugh people were calling and actually CRYING because of the terrible mean way the liberalmedia is treating this great man Dick Cheney.

2 thoughts on “Still Laughing?

  1. That’s not exactly a heart attack. The poor guy took a shotgun blast full in the chest and has bird shot? Or buck shot? lodged in his heart. Officially it’s bird shot, and it really is quail hunting season in Texas until Feb. 26, but the reporter on CNN kept referring to it as buck shot. What’s the difference? The size of the pellets intended to match the size of the beasties being shot, of course. In either case, this is no joke. These pellets move around doing more and more damage for days, until the body manages to encapsulate them. The report I heard is that there are “at least 100” of them in the poor guy, and since he’s 78 they’re not going to try to dig them out because he wouldn’t have much chance of surviving.
    So — we really do need a proper explanation of how this happened. Preferably before the guy dies, assuming he isn’t dead already and they aren’t lying to us about that. Managing to shoot a full sized man close enough to get shotgun pellets in his heart doesn’t exactly sound like Cheney shouldn’t have been able to see him or unaware that he was in the line of fire, now, does it?
    Probably the most interesting question is gonna be exactly how they’re gonna manage to blame this one on us liberals.

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