STF Joining Spotlight Project

Seeing the Forest is joining The Spotlight Project. This will enable you to forward an individual post that you think is important to several journalists by name, with your comments. Following every STF post, at the end of the line that starts with “Link to this,” you will see a “Spotlight” link. Click that link, and you are taken to The Spotlight Project, and all the information about the particular post comes there with you. You then can choose which specific journalists you would like to send the post to with your message attached.
May I suggest that you start with this post about ABC’s right-wing 9/11 propagana show. Click “Spotlight” in the line that follows the post, beginning with “Link to this”. (Yes, the line in which the second item is Tip Jar,” where you can leave a few dollars when you like a post.)
This Spotlight demonstration page explains further.
Firedoglake wrote about the Spotlight Project here.
Crooks and Liars wrote about the Spotlight Project here.

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