Steve Young Interview On KABC This Hour

Congressional Candidate Steve Young is going to be on KABC sometime this hour. linked text
Doug McIntyre is a conservative talk show host with a difference. I refer to Doug as a Lou Dobbs conservative and he is a principled interviewer. Two days ago Doug ripped into a right wingnut religious conservative wacko, because their complaint about a boycott against Target had no merit.
Doug is tough and fair with all of his guests. Tune in
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1 thought on “Steve Young Interview On KABC This Hour

  1. Here’s an approximation of Steve’s appearance on McIntyre in the Morning:
    Doug: It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the program. Steve Young, how are you?
    Steve: I’m fine.
    Doug: Steve, you’re the Democrat. Is there any chance that Gilchrist and Campbell split the vote and you win?
    Steve: We hope to win outright.
    Doug: There’s no question, if you get the most votes you win. You have a unique position on immigration. Would you like to explain that?
    Steve: I’ve looked at it as how you create a business solution. Smugglers get paid $3,000 each to smuggle them across the border. I’ve proposed that we set up a and tell them that if they pay us $3,000 we will take your picture and give you an I.D. You renew it every 6 months and if you are still working your VISA is renewed.
    Doug: What about the businesses?
    Steve: We’ll also pay the illegal immigrants who are already here to sign up, that way we have a way to track who they are and where they are.
    Doug: Thousands and thousands of immigrants have already come into the country who work cheaper than any American can afford to. How does your program solve that problem of immigrants who will work cheaper and cheaper.
    Steve: We bring them into the system so they pay taxes …
    Doug: What does this say to the legal immigrants who go through the system? This is just a shortcut that penalizes legal immigrants.
    Steve: This will not replace the current legal immigrant program.
    Doug: I understand that, but we are subverting the legal immigration system
    Steve: We are expediting legal immigration for all and the market force equilibrium will regulate the system. Unions do not oppose this system, because they want workers identified and in the system instead of underground. My type of program brings the shadow economy out into the open and benefits working families.
    Doug: You know that “out of the shadows” is Bush’s phrase?
    Steve: I’ve been using it a lot longer than President Bush.
    Doug: We’ve got agreement between Steve Young and President Bush, at least on the phrase “out of the shadows.”

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