Steve Soto Endorses Hillary

Over at The Left Coaster Steve Soto is endorsing Hillary. Steve says Hillary can

·Most capably deal with the biases of the corporate media;
·Most capably fight the right wing smear machine;
·Ruthlessly battle the GOP’s likely 2008 campaign tactics;
·Obtain the nomination and,
·Most importantly, step into the job in January 2009.

This follows the recent endorsement by Ambassador Joe Wilson.
The other day I wrote that I am not endorsing anyone for now. I do not dislike any of the major candidates.

1 thought on “Steve Soto Endorses Hillary

  1. Seems way too early to endorse anyone to me. The truth is, I’d vote for ANYONE, even my neighbor’s dog, who got nominated by the Democratic party rather than risk letting the Republicans be in office any longer.

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