Steve Gilliard On Iraq Civil War Possibility — Written April, 2003

Looking back at how things unfolded this was brilliant and just spot-on. No one was listening. And unfortunately he was right and they were all wrong.
Daily Kos: How Iraq could devolve into Civil War
I’m not even going to quote from it – just read the whole thing and tell me if Steve didn’t exactly predict what is happening now! Sure, it was obvious that things could spin out of control, but Steve described what has happened step-by-step, almost four years ago.
By the way, here is where you can read your Steve nowadays.

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  1. Yesterday Glenn Greenwald pointed to a book “The Authoritarians” being published (free) online by Bob Altemeyer. He is a professor at University of Manitoba and specializes in Right Wing Authoritarian psychology. While researching for his book, John Dean found him to be especially helpful in understanding the mindset of the people we are up against here and how so many otherwise good people fall victim to it. It seems John Dean encouraged him to share his wisdom with us liberals who are currently losing this battle. He has released the intro to his book and chapter 1 so far. He will be releasing a chapter a week for seven weeks. It’s not going to be published as a “paper” book, just free PDF’s online.
    Well, I went and read the intro and chapter 1 yesterday and – Oh. My. God. This is good stuff. Now I am just jonesin’ for the next chapter to come out on the 22nd. The guy is a great writer – conversational style (not overly clinical or technical) and makes sense of this totally foreign, fearful, empathy-free mindset that exists in so many of our fellow travelers (authoritarian followers) and is exploited by authoritarian leaders. Some of us aren’t susceptible to it, so we have to be trained to recognize it and deal with it.
    A must-read book from a great teacher. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.
    Here’s the link .

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