Stealing Iraqi Oil

Through Atrios, one of the more important stories about Iraq. Please read it to the end. The Bush people have set it up so there is no way to know how much oil is being pumped and sold, nor any way to know where the money is going. SOMEone is walking away with BILLIONS.

2 thoughts on “Stealing Iraqi Oil

  1. Bartcop ( has been saying that this would happen from day one. It seemed like simpleminded hyperbole at the time, but with the Bush people in command, there’s no way that something like this wouldn’t happen. They think of the public purse as a big slush fund.

  2. Yeah, Randi Rhodes used to say all the time that Bush created chaos in Iraq because chaos makes it easier to steal. I thought that was a great bumper sticker, but didn’t take it too seriously. Turns out I was wrong, she was right, literally.

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